Slaughter Fee

Processing Fee



$.69/ lb. Hanging Wt.



$.69/ lb. Hanging Wt.


$50.00 (Bull = $100.00)

$.69/ lb. Hanging Wt.



$.69/ lb. Hanging Wt.


$85.00 (Cut,Wrap, Freeze)

Included in kill fee


$120.00 (Cut,Vacuum Pack, Freeze)

Included in kill fee


* There will be an increase in Hog slaughter fee from $30.00 to $60.00 if the hanging weight of the hog is greater than 400 lbs. 

Emergency Slaughter Fee of $50.00 for beef or hogs.

Additional Costs: Smoking Poultry = $1.00/ lb., Smoking Hams/Bacon/Etc for Animals That We Process = $1.00/lb., Smoking Hams/Bacon/Etc for Animals That We Don't Process = $1.25/lb., Patties = $1.00/lb (includes vacuum packing). 

Venison Processing**

(We do processing of the meat only, not the whole deer, meat must be off the bone with no hide and rinsed out.)

*DNR License or Deer Registration Number required when venison is dropped off. We reserve the right to refuse any venison without this information.

*All pricing includes smoking, vacuum packaging, and pork/beef additive.

Ring Sausage

$3.50 /lb.

Polish/ Brats

$3.50 /lb.

Summer Sausage

$3.50 /lb.

Hot Dogs/ Sticks

$4.50 /lb.

Jerky/ Dried

$3.00 /lb.

Ground Venison

$ .50 /lb.


*We will not smoke your sausage if you don't buy your seasoning/ cure from us.

**All meat brought in must be free of hair, dirt, and anything else you don't want in your sausage. We have the right to turn away any meat that we do not find suitable to process. Also, if your meat is brought in with the bone still in it you will be charged on the bone weight as well.