1. Budget Payment Plan:

The Budget Payment Plan is a program to allow you to extend your heating costs over a ten Month Period. The ten month program starts in July and runs through April, making May and June the non payment months. The amount of your monthly payment is determined by taking your annual heating cost and dividing it by ten. The budget payment plan applies only to the heating bills, Is does not apply to merchandise or service calls. It is important to note that your account must be paid in full before your fist budget payment is due and all deliveries will be billed with the current days propane price. 

2. Propane Contracting:
The Lakes Area Cooperative is offering propane contracting for its patrons. This is an option where you can purchase a chosen number of gallons during the summer to be delivered through the heating season. You must pay for the gallons and have the signed contract returned to the office by the date specified each year to lock in the contract price. Contract gallons are delivered until they are gone. The contract gallon price will be released in June or July of each year.

3. Cash Discount Policy:
Customers who have obtained credit and charge privileges can receive a ten cent a gallon cash discount if payment is received within ten working days from delivery. Your driver will show the cash discount amount on you delivery slip. If you have any questions regarding propane, please call us toll free at 1-866-346-5601, or locally 1-218-346-3500.

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