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LAC is committed to providing its customers with the greatest service possible.

The wide range of products and services that are offered by the cooperative are aimed at helping to provide success for the local farms, businesses, and individuals. 


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Producer-Owned Coop

LAC is a local agricultural producer-owned cooperative, however, anyone can do business with the cooperative. We are committed to serving you, and appreciate your loyalty.

The Vergas Country Store is your all-around convenience and feed store, located in downtown Vergas. We have an ATM machine, and even rent out movies. Stop in and see our line of pet foods, animal health products, and feed to keep your pets and animals healthy and productive. We also sell a large variety of bird seed and feeders for you birdwatchers.

The Vergas Country Store offers a wide variety of products to serve your needs. With a large selection of pet foods, bird seed, animal health products, feed, and fuel, we can help you find what you are looking for. Check out the menu on the left to get a better idea of what we offer.

  • Grass seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Weed killer
  • Raid, Off, and other Bug Killers
  • gardening utensils
  • We also sell bird seed, suet, and bird feeders.

LAC Locations

Lakes Area Cooperative covers a 200 mile radius, with several divisions in several locations throughout central Minnesota.

Search the map above to find the location nearest to you.

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LAC offers an online customer portal to view your statements, invoices, contracts, and pay your bill online.

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