• Tytan bale wrap
    • Bridon plastic and Sisal twine
    • Hillman nuts, bolts, and many odds and ends
    • Auto/Agricultural Equipment filters
    • Oregon chainsaw chains and bars
    • V-belts
  • A large variety of tools
  • Plumbing supplies
  • PVC and galvanized pipe and pipe fittings
  • Large variety of gloves
  • Paint brushes, spray paint, caulk, etc..
  • Welding supplies and equipment
  • Deck screws, fencing staples, hinges, etc.
  • Cattle panels, Tarter brand gates and calf hutches
  • Fencing supplies (electric fence posts, t-posts, barbed wire, electric fencers etc)
  • Hitch pins, roller chain, coil chain, etc.
  • Custom made hydraulic hoses for almost every need

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