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Why choose LAC?

LAC is committed to providing its customers with the greatest service possible.

The wide range of products and services that are offered by the cooperative are aimed at helping to provide success for the local farms, businesses, and individuals. 



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Producer-Owned Coop

LAC is a local agricultural producer-owned cooperative, however, anyone can do business with the cooperative. We are committed to you, and appreciate your loyalty.

Online Bill Pay


We are currently making changes in our Point of Sale and Accounting Software. Our online bill pay has seen some changes as well. Regardless of whether or not you had an account set up prior to these changes, you will need to register to have an online account. Please take note of your account number when you receive your statement as you will need this for setting up your new account (*if your account was less than six digits, you will notice that it will have preceding 0's). Please feel free to call our office at 218-346-6240 and ask for Nate if you have any questions. Thanks for your continued patience as we adjust to our new system. 


Introducing Lakes Area Cooperative

The Lakes Area Coop is a cooperative in north central Minnesota established in 1912 with 28 million dollars of assets and over 80 million dollars in annual sales.

Read more: Introducing Lakes Area Cooperative


LAC Locations

Lakes Area Cooperative covers a 200 mile radius, with several divisions in several locations throughout central Minnesota.

Search our website to find the location nearest to you.

Fuel Contracting

As many of you know, the markets are very volatile, and fuel prices are completely unpredictable. LAC is providing you with contract options so you can determine fuel costs ahead of time. Give Jason a call at 1-866-346-5601 for current contract pricing and to set up a contract for spring, summer, or fall. 

Pay Online

Want to go green and pay your bill online?

LAC is proud to announce its new offering of online bill-pay.

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Credit Application

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 Email, fax, or mail in your  application. Email -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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